According to Zorander, Ilvarandin was a Red Wizard of Thay who was one of Szass Tam’s most loyal followers. Ilvarandin was presumed to have disappeared along with his master. Zorander fears that the presence of Ilvarandin may herald the return of Szass Tam to Thay.

After infiltrating a Red Wizard encampment set up in the ruins of Mishtan, the tomb robbers attacked and defeated one of Ilvarandin’s lieutenants, Reinhart, as he was uncovering the top of an ancient tower buried beneath the ruins.

But, Ilvarandin arrived shortly after and completed the ritual to raise the tower. An encounter that the tomb robbers narrowly escaped with all their lives.

His face splitting in two to reveal some terrible aberration living within his human body, Ilvarandin wielded immense telekinetic force and psychic powers. He paid little attention to the presence of the tomb robbers as they attempted to interrupt his ritual.



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