Jewels of Mystryl

Long before the rise of elven or human civilizations on Toril, the long extinct race of Spellweavers created the first magic items.

The first magic items created by the Spellweavers were eight magical gems that extracted a different type of energy from the Weave. A great deal of power was taken from the Weave to make these gems. The Book of Solomon speculates that the creation of these gems allowed for the further creation of magic items on Toril.

These are the Jewels of Mystra


Each gem represents a different school of magic and has unique properties associated with it.

Jewel of Abjuration (Seph)
Jewel of Divination (Azima)
Jewel of Evocation
Jewel of Enchantment
Jewel of Conjuration
Jewel of Transmutation (Lia)
Jewel of Necromancy
Jewel of Illusion

Jewels of Mystryl

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